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Legal Education

If you are applying for an internship or externship, please select the education level that reflects the degree you are currently seeking to attain (e.g. if you are currently seeking a Bachelor’s degree, you should select that option and choose your current institution and your anticipated graduation date).
Language Proficiency
The Office of the Attorney General serves a large and diverse constituency of New Yorkers.
Do you have proficiency in languages other than English?

Reading: I can read simple, printed material on familiar subjects.
Writing: I can write short notes and letters and fill out forms with personal information.
Speaking: I can handle social and informal conversations.

Reading: I can read a wide range of written materials on a variety of subjects.
Writing: I can write clear, detailed text about subjects that are familiar or of interest to me.
Speaking: I can discuss social and professional topics in formal and informal settings.

Reading: I can read all written materials including handwritten, legal and technical documents.
Writing: I can write well-structured reports and other documents on complex topics.
Speaking: I can engage in challenging conversations and speak with ease and spontaneity.